StarCraft Update 9/19/2018

This month’s update is now live! This month we are focused largely on balance updates to deal with long standing issues. Some pretty major changes are in here, so take a look. In addition, there is new content in the form of two new Paragons of the Galaxy!

*Major* The Paragon’s of the Galaxy supplement has been updated with two new characters based on patreon votes: Nova Terra and Overqueen Zagara!

*Major* The ability score maximum value based on level is now a hard cap. Therefore, specializations and other racial features cannot bring you above your maximum value. This is something I thought a long time before doing, but there was too many balance issues originating from ‘creative’ order of operations for designing characters, and something had to be done.

Now, if you gain an ability score that would put you above your maximum value, you simply gain a point in another non-maximum stat of your choice.

-The Awesome Abilities tree of talents now has a high level requirement (16/24/30). This is to further prevent the exploitation of high stats for characters.

-The Twin-linked weapon upgrade now only applies to vehicle weapons. A new upgrade, Linked Fire, now replaces twin-linked for handheld weapons.

-The Stun weapon trait now requires a hit against toughness to stagger, and a hit against toughness and defense to stun. This makes the stagger effect more difficult to apply against large enemies who would be more resistant to stunning effects.

-Power strike no longer gives bonus accuracy equal to half or full strength. The new Mighty Blow talent has removed that need.

-The Mighty Blow talent now gives +1 accuracy with heavy strikes per rank and +2 damage with charges per rank

Terran Changes

-Slugger specialization now gives +3 accuracy, +1 power rating, and +2 pen with chosen weapons instead of previous bonuses.

-Gunslinger specialization has been reduced to +2 damage per extra strike, no scaling

-The Engineer specialization has more details on how the turret works. In addition, all examples of the engineer turret now lists what ammunition types are default for the weapon.

-There is a new weapon upgrade to replace twin-linked for handheld weapons: linked fire. Linked fire empowers automatic fire methods. Suppressing and area burst fire gain Hailfire (+1). Focused bursts and saturation fire gain +10 accuracy.

-The terran personal protective barrier has ½ the shield pool it used to have and has 0 shield armor.

Protoss Psionics

- Shadow Barrage (void variant of Psionic Missiles) now gains +4 accuracy and damage for every missile against a single target, instead of separate attacks

-Void Prison requires an attack roll versus toughness but gains +5 accuracy

-Templar’s Fury psionic storm gives an endurance test (10+2xPL) to avoid the stagger effect

*Major* New Condition: Boosts and Drains

A new condition has been added into the game: boosts and drains. Boosts are temporary buffs that can apply to a character, while drains are temporary drawbacks. Boosts and drains are both measured in one of 5 categories, with a number value to gauge how severe they are.

Boosts are important because they add standardization to many of the random buffs that can be applied to characters. In addition, because you only use the most powerful boost or drain you have active, many temporary boosts to numbers no longer stack with one another.