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Final Annual Release: Caesar's Legion and Beginning Conflicts

We’ve put out our final release of the year for Leovaunt Game Design! This concludes the release of all our content from the 2018 patreon season.

Today we are releasing:

-The StarCraft Adventures: Beginning Conflicts. This resource contains three adventures for low level characters, one for each of the major races: The Battle for Breet Street, The Citadel, and Death from Below.

-The release of Caesar’s Legion content for the Fallout RPG. This release contains backgrounds, equipment, and new NPCs. It has been added into the Fallout Bestiary V: Sins of Man. Look in that document for the new content.

-First wave of edits for Explorer’s Guide to the Sector.

With this content done, Leovaunt Game Design is officially closed for the rest of the year. I think I deserve a break! I will still be moderating and communicating via the discord channels, but I might not be responding as often as I normally do. Once the new year comes, I will dedicate myself to finishing the Halo RPG.

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