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The Halo RPG is now Available!

Very exciting day today! At long last, the Halo tabletop roleplaying game is now available! First backed on patreon back in 2017, it has been in development since early 2018. Now it is finally here for everyone to see!

I'm very proud to finally have this out for everyone. Thank you so much everyone who contributes to this project, including patreon backers, playtesters, and the discord community.

This release has five resources available right at the start.

The Halo Core Rulebook

This resource contains all the rules and information you need to play the game. This is a rules only supplement; no game content is contained within. Therefore, these is a lean resource filled only all the rules and mechanics you could look for.

The UNSC Handbook

This resource contains what you need to play as a human loyal to the UNSC, including Spartans and AIs. Inside is the player options for those races, equipment, vehicles, military related options, and example NPCs to include in your campaign!

The Covenant Handbook

This resource contains what you need to play as an alien that is part of the Covenant or its many sub-factions. It contains rules to play as grunts, jackals, elites, and brutes. Inside is the player options for Covenant equipment, vehicles, and military related options, and examples NPCs to include in your campaign!

The Halo Character Sheet

This record sheet contains what you need to fill out all the information for your Halo character. It includes areas for Halo specific mechanics, such as command points, personal squads, and Spartan focus. The PDF has slots that you can fill out as part of a digital copy.

Halo Rules Reference Sheet

This sheet has all the basic rules of the game presented in a colorful layout. It is a vital addition to the game in case you need to quickly check a rule or guideline.

More Halo expansions will be coming in the future! For now, enjoy the game!

Thank you for your support! Game on!

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