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StarCraft Update 6/12/2019

Finally got a new update out for StarCraft. It's been a few months. Let's check out what is coming today!

*Major* The Death and Dying systems and tables has been completely reworked. Now, they are much simpler and easier to understand, but in many cases, more lethal.

*Major* Swarms have received a large rework. They no longer have a mass value or damage threshold. Instead they have a hit point value equal to 20x the base creatures. Area of Effect and Unstoppable attacks gain +1 hailfire against swarms. Swarms gain +2 hailfire against other swarms. Kamikaze swarms, first discussed in Monsters of Koprulu, now sacrifice intervals of hit points to do their kamikaze attacks.

-The Medicine skill section has been updated with clarifications on what costs healing thresholds and the penalty for using medicine on yourself.

-Pilots of open-topped vehicles can no longer fire pistols while driving. Hands on the wheel!

-The Unstoppable weapon trait now only goes 30 squares beyond its first target before stopping, unlike the nebulous ‘max range’ limitation that existed previously

-Countless edits and clarifications. Thanks to everyone on the discord community!

Protoss Class Changes

-Performed many modifications of the Protoss Pilot class:

-Now each subrace of protoss has access to their own special form transportation that they gain access to at 1st level pilot. Aiur pilots gain Grav Disks, Nerazim gain Dune Sweeper Bikes, Tal’darim gain Command Thrones, and Purifiers gain Jet Bikes. All of these features are upgraded once the protoss character takes Elite Pilot.

-The Attuned Shields pilot ability effects both the pilot’s personal energy shields and those of their vehicle.

-The Avenger pilot ability is used even outside a vehicle now.

-The Eternal Warrior protoss class has received a substantial overhaul from the ground up. These changes are to make Eternal Warrior more appealing to characters placed in a cybernetic walker. Cybernetic characters with 7 levels of eternal warrior will be quite powerful now.

-The first level of the Commander class has a new ability: Resilience of the Firstborn. When rallying an allied protoss, resilience of the firstborn causes them to regain shield points equal to your level.

-The Kineticist class in Explorer’s Guide the Sector has been overhauled. This was to make sure it was a viable option versus the other psychic master variants that are coming.

-The abilities for Augmented Energy charge have been further empowered

-Efficient Energy Usage decreases manifestation costs by 2 instead of 1

-Master of Destruction causes energy powers to deal +20 damage

Zerg Changes

-A new zerg creature ability has been added: Fleet Movement. Fleet Movement allows ground zerg to sprint at 8x their movement speed and follow the movement with a melee attack. This has been retroactively applied to all variants of the zergling and ultralisk. This change is to help fast melee zerg keep up with vehicles in large scale combat.

-The Haste ability for primal zerg, granted by Genetic Quirk: Agility, has been changed. Now, the extra move action is only granted while flying. While on the ground, the primal can sprint at x8 movement speed and make a melee attack at the end of their movement. This is identical to the Fleet Movement new zerg ability, helping land agility primals keep up with vehicles, while not taking features away from flying primals.

-The Scourge’s Plasma Metamorphosis has increased to a base Penetration of 30 (up from 10)

-Kerrigan has received another update in Paragon’s of the Galaxy, giving her the Collect Essence and Mutating Carapace abilities. She has to be able to fight the hybrids that are coming!

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