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The End War has Begun! StarCraft Supplement 5 now available!

StarCraft Supplement 5: The End War, is now available! This massive resource contains a wealth of new information, statistics, and options for players and GMs of the StarCraft roleplaying game.

During the End War, Amon, the fallen Xel'Naga, sought to extinguish all life from the universe. He used legions of enslaved minions and his dreaded hybrid to destroy worlds and purge the galaxy of all life. Only the union of all three factions working together were able to save the universe.

This massive supplement contains the following sections:

-The expanded timeline catches the RPG up from where the timeline left off in the Core Rulebook, from the beginning of the Second Great War until the final moments of the End War!

-Two new protoss factions, the Purifier and Tal'darim. They have both been updated since their appearance in the Advanced Race Guide, with their own selection of talents now as well.

-Introducing variant and renown classes, so you can have endless depth in designing your protoss characters.

-New protoss weapon, armor, gear, and augmentation crystals. There is also a section about creating powerful protoss artifacts by applying Xel'naga relics to existing items.

-New protoss vehicles, robots, and turrets to use in your campaigns

-Massive bestiary of protoss NPCs, with a heavy focus on the two protoss tribes unveiled in this resource

-A bestiary of monsters and creatures from the Void. This section has statistics and lore for hybrid, void thrashers, void shades, archons, mystical constructs, and the Xel'naga themselves.

-Finally, a lore section detailing what it means to run a campaign during the End War. Included in this section are rules about severing nerve cords, running Rak'shir Duels, and living and fighting in the Void itself.

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