Halo: Forerunner's Legacy, now Available!

The first expansion for the Halo RPG is now available! This is an exciting addition to the Halo RPG that adds numerous new enemy factions for your players to face, as well as exotic worlds and locations for you to visit.

Forerunner’s Legacy focuses on modern day enemy factions that are related to the Forerunners that once ruled the universe. This resource includes:

-Rules for creating your own creatures in the Halo RPG, as well as rules for creating swarms of different sizes.

-Face the terrifying Flood, the parasitic scourge of the universe. Learn their history, the process in which they claim worlds, and encounter a huge variety of Flood organisms for every character level.

-Explore the mystical and wonderous Forerunner installations that have been left behind. Face the sentinels, the robotic servants of the Forerunners, who continue to protect and maintain their facilities.

-Steel yourself against the mighty Prometheans, the robotic elite warriors created as front-line soldiers for the Forerunners. To defend yourself against their might, equip mighty Forerunner weapons and armor abilities that might give you the edge against these elite foes.

-Finally, there is a variety of new talents that interact with the factions detailed in this supplement. Focus on fighting different enemies, wielding Forerunner weapons, or utilizing their ancient technology.

I’m very glad to have this expansion out, as it brings a lot of new depth to the Halo RPG. With its completion, I will begin moving onto my next project, StarCraft Supplement 6.

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