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DOOM Roleplaying Game Now Available!

The DOOM tabletop roleplaying game is now available!

This game system began as a for-fun project for me. Eventually we began testing in private, then the discord community got wind of it, and it just expanded from there. An earlier version was first leaked on the public discord a few months ago. Now the latest version, full of Doom Eternal content, is fully publicly available for the first time!

Some of the features included in the game are:

-Two playable races: Human and Night Sentinel. Humans feature a new customizable background system allowing them to juggle superior equipment at start versus long term benefits. Night Sentinels accumulate new wargear, upgrading and customizing their equipment as they level up.

-Enjoy lots of classic weapons from the Doom games, from the humble plasma pistol to the BFG-9000. Weapons can include swappable mods, allowing you to give or remove special perks to affect the functionality of your weapons.

-Huge multitudes of other equipment you can take advantage of in the game, from food and drinks, armor shards, key cards, scrap parts, and arcane equipment of mystical power.

-Rules for dealing with the numerous hazards in the DOOM universe, such as gore nests, hellgrowth tentacles, jump ads, and toxic waste.

-Over 40 monsters to include as enemies in your Doom campaigns, ranging from level one to thirty!

Best of all, this is not the end of the Doom RPG! We will gradually add more content to the game, corresponding with the content released for the new Doom Eternal game across the upcoming DLCs.

Remember, that this supplement is not a stand-alone game. It is meant to be used with the StarCraft Core Rulebook.

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