Mar 3, 2018

Had an idea want some feedback...


Thought I could create a custom weak zerg organism that is symbiotic and just makes whatever it is attached to better at something (say provide regeneration or help improve brain activity so computer checks are at advantage or something). So in a zerg player campaign it would kinda work like a semi intelligent magic item from dungeons and dragons but I want to also use it for terran characters. But terrans is where it gets weird cause no one wants anything zerg related going anywhere near them for fear of infestation which would not be one of its functions. What do you guys think?

Mar 3, 2018

Interesting thought. I like the idea of a zerg creature that acts like a magical item.


First, if you were implementing something like that, it would be important to limit how many a player could have at once, much like protoss augmentation crystals. Beyond that, I would actually use said crystals as a guideline in how balance and design those little organisms, with similar benefits. You could even do them so they give different benefits based on what limbs or organs receive the symbiote? It could be a nice way to reward zerg characters.


As for using them on terran characters; yes, I don't imagine many terrans would want a zerg spud attached to their body. That's a valid RP concern. But there are other ways you could do it. Terrans are big on cybernetic implants. Imagine a series of cranial implants that could be inserted into the brain that helped with different tasks and functions based on related brain processes. A targeting chip to help you aim, a chip that has tons of information encoded in it that can be used for Lore checks, and so on.

Mar 4, 2018

I like the cybernetics idea I know of at least one player that would be all over that in my game. I kind of wanted to use the Zerg symbiote on a Terran player to force some of the rp that comes of it and maybe tie it into them coming across a group of independent infested or dominion scientists doing things that they shouldn't be and it being part of that. Either way I will definitely look into doing implants now didn't even think of that before.

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