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Protoss Race Update 12/15/2017

Another race specific update, this time for Protoss. This one is regarding protoss gaining skill focuses upon the completion of each class that was mentioned amongst many different channels.

-Whenever a protoss character completes a class, elite class, or renown class, they get a choice of skill focuses that vary based on that classes list. The skill focus either gives them +2 maximum ranks with that skill, or +1 maximum skill ranks if they already have a focus in that skills. The list of skill focuses for each class is based solely on class, not what race is taking the class

-Every protoss race/tribe has a specialized skill that they can gain focus in whenever they complete a class. In other words, when earning a class completion skill focus, the character can always chose to gain a skill focus in their racial skill instead. Aiur protoss gain Mental Training, Nerazim gain Stealth, Tal’darim gain Endurance, and Purifiers gain Science.

-All NPC entries in the Supplement 3, the Advanced Race Guide, and the Dominion Intel Briefing has been updated for these changes.

-The Nerazim Psychic Warrior’s (centurion) Dark Coil ability no longer gives a free Mind Blast. Instead, it staggers a foe upon surpassing their resolve with a charge attack.

-The particle beam weapon of the probe now effects a Line (1) area.

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