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Now Available: The Advanced Terran Training Manual!

At long last, Supplement 2: The Advanced Terran Training Manual, is now available! This is the largest rules and content supplement we have put out to date! It contains a library of information for use by players and Game Masters in their StarCraft campaigns.

Included in this encyclopedia are:

-7 new backgrounds for terran player characters.

-Almost 50 new specializations, split amongst all 3 specializations rankings.

-Dozens of new talents.

-Many new weapons, including flak weapons, needle weapons, crossbows, automatic shotguns, and all new powerful melee weapons! Included with these are new ammunition types and new armor.

-New powerful gear items to accessorize higher level characters.

-Dozens of new weapon and armor upgrades, including experimental upgrades of limited availability.

-The new Pyromancy psionic discipline for terran psychics.

-The new Wrangler power system, which allows psionic terrans who cannot use psionic powers to manipulate latent psychic energies for greater detection, control over other’s psionics, and building empathic connections. Wranglers have 4 specializations and 3 advanced specializations around manipulating their energies in this way.

-The new Ghost Combat Training talent, a powerful boost to ghost to make them the dread covert ops agents they are.

-Rules for ghosts becoming Spectres and the psi indoctrination process. They gain incredibly powerful psionic benefits, at the risk of random, crippling, drawbacks!

-8 new terran vehicles and 14 new terran robots to place in your campaigns.

-An item crafting system for terrans to build gear out of spare parts and scrap.

-Military requisitioning system for faction-based characters to use instead of accumulating credits.

-Space combat, including rules for squadrons, bombing runs, and dog fighting.

-Rules for your party building their own starship to explore the sector in! Decide factors such as your ship’s size, weaponry, armor, structural addons, alongside interior design and rooms for your party to live in. A PDF is being released alongside this to serve as a record sheet for whatever ship the party designs for themselves. Also included are four premade ships to show the system at work.

-Rules for terran garrisons, traps, and defenses, so Game Masters know how to set up formidable defenses for their players to try and overcome.

-Over 40 pre-made terran NPCs, so a Game Master has plenty of enemies and allies to throw into their game without having to spend time to make NPCs.

-Over 20 pre-made terran vehicles with included pilots, that are ready to be included in your games of StarCraft.

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