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New Public Discord Channel!

As most of you remember, last years we switched to our new website here at Unfortunately, we were not able to transport our old forums over to the new website. However, the forums have become increasingly outdated as most of the discussion occurs on the private discord channel now.

Discord gave us greatly improved communication with our followers and fan base. For that reason, we are now opening a public discord channel available to everyone on the internet. You can connect to it here:

If you would like to know more about Discord or need to download the software, head to this web address:

The new discord will replace to old forum system that we previously used. The public discord will be used for many purposes, including:

-Active alerts when there is an update or new supplement

-Provide game feedback

-Talk directly with the development team and make your feedback heard

-A place to tell us about errors or typos that you find in our RPG resources

-Connect with your fellow RPG players and make friends!

In addition to our public discord channel, we still have our private channel exclusive to our patreon backers. This channel can be accessed by donating a modest 1$ a month to our patreon. At 10$ a month, you gain the privilege of inviting other people to the private channel, in addition to getting the monthly newsletter and bonus game content.

There are even greater advantage to the private discord channel.

-Get progress updates of projects as they are being worked on

-Participate in round table discussions for the future of the game

-Get instant alerts when patreon content goes avalible

-Faster response time from the developers

If you are interested in joining the private discord, head over to our patreon at

Thank you all! I hope to see you on discord!


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