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Fallout Bestiary V: Sins of Man, now available!

Exciting news! Today, Fallout Bestiary V: Sins of Man, is officially released! This resource is the final in the batch of five supplements originally planned for the Fallout RPG! It includes the most epic foes and factions for the Fallout setting, including:

-Rules for genetic aberrations, such as deathclaws, wanamingos, centaur, and more.

-Rules for customizing your own unique half-human abomination

-Faction focus on the brotherhood of steel, enclave, church of atom, and vault dwellers

-Two new creature templates: albino mutant and intelligent creature

-New random encounter tables compiling all the creatures from all 5 bestiaries

As has been mentioned, this is the final of the original plan of Fallout supplements and brings the development of the Fallout RPG to a conclusion for now. That doesn’t mean the project is over, however. Sometime in mid to late 2019 we will resume work on the Fallout RPG with two additional planned supplements:

-Wasteland Survival Guide: Tons of new player options, rules for companion characters, and settlement building

-Fallout Bestiary 76: The title says it all! A new bestiary designed for all the new creatures coming in Fallout 76!

Until then, our sole priority is the completion of StarCraft Supplement 4: Monsters of Koprulu. After that is finished, the next goal will be the long-awaited release of the Halo RPG!

Thanks everyone for your support!

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