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StarCraft Update 12/11/2018

Along with today’s big release, we are also putting out a major update to the StarCraft RPG! This update includes balance changes, new paragons, and very significant changes to vehicles. Check it out!

New Additions

*Major* Three new Paragons of the Galaxy: Alexei Stukov, Highlord Alarak, and Phase Smith Karax.

*Major* Every race’s character creation section now has a new section ‘Recap: Advancing your Character’ that makes it very simple about what you spend characteristic points on and how prowess skills and ability scores advance your character

Vehicles and Monsters

*Major* Almost every vehicle has been increased in size by 1 size category. This allows them to be closer to the realistic size that they should have. Many of theirs statistics (hit points, space, defense, damage threshold, etc) have been reworked accordingly.

-The vulture did not increase in size category, but its space was updated

-The robo harvester did not increase in size category

-The Dropship and Medivac increased 2 size categories and a threat level

-The Protoss Arbiter increased 2 size categories, 1 threat level, and received a new weapon, the warpspace cannon

-Many creatures have received size increases to match the changes that vehicles received.

The Protoss Reaver has increased 1 size category

The Protoss Shuttle has increased 2 size categories and 1 threat level

The Zerg Ultralisk, Noxious Ultralisk, and Torrasque have all increased 1 size category

The A.R.E.S Warbot increased 1 size category

The Terran Raven increased 2 size categories and 1 threat level

The Nydus Worm has increased 1 size category

-Numerous changes to protoss cybernetic walkers

-The Annihilator, Immortal and Vanguard are now Huge-sized

-Those chassis also received +2 strength and fortitude and gain +100 shield pool on top of their normal shield pool based on PL, class, and plasma shielding crystal.

-The Annihilator and Immortal have replaced their two phase disruptors with a single, twin-linked phase cannon, a new weapon in the protoss vehicle weapons section

-The Vanguard’s Scatter Cannon weapon has received a heavy overhaul to make it drastically more lethal of a weapon

-The example statistics for each of the cybernetic walkers has been overhauled for these changes. Example statistics for the Vanguard will appear in the Explorer’s Guide to the Sector.

-The Personalized Starship Creation rules have been updated for the size changes. Everything remained the same, except increasing 1 size category larger. Therefore, what was once huge ships now count as gargantuan ships, what was once gargantuan now counts as colossal, etc. The example ships also increased in size. In addition, the cargo bay room has been overhauled and a new options for super structure has been added: hidden compartments!

-The Tank Commander specialization now gives vehicles +5 damage resistance and damage threshold, instead of previous bonuses.

-The Master Navigator specialization now effects ships colossal-sized or smaller, instead of gargantuan.

Balance Changes

-Clarifications on the Death and Disfigurement system, and changes to the most drastic results on the disfigurement table, removing mentions of painkillers (which only one race has access to).

-The Regeneration psionic power no longer recovers healing thresholds. Instead, it costs a healing threshold to manifest.

-You no longer reduce overload results by ½ your willpower.

-Taunt version of combat influence no longer requires negative morale, but instead gains +5 for every negative morale the target has.

-Energy fatigue can no longer reduce manifestation bonus below 0.

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