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StarCraft Update 3/26/2020

Today’s StarCraft update doesn’t drastically change the game. It is mostly focused on edits, readability, and clarity issues. There are some balance tweaks but nothing major.

General Changes

-Processed all of the updates posted in the StarCraft Edits discord channel. Thank you everyone for posting and letting us fix problems in the game! I’m not going to repeat those changes here, as the discord channel also serves as a changelog.

-This may seem minor but went back and alphabetized the talents list in the NPC stat blocks in older documents. I didn’t start alphabetizing until midway through Supplement 2. Therefore, the CRB, SUP 1, SUP 3, half of SUP 2, and Dominion Intel Briefing all needed work. This may seem minor, but it’s become a big pet peeve for him, took a long time to fix, but is a huge readability enhancement.

-There are two new sections under the crippling wounds sections. The first Crippling Wounds and Maiming, has greater elaboration on how crippling wounds function when you gain 5 or more wounds in a single location. The second is a new chart on vehicles and crippling wounds. Vehicles now have their own wound chart with more dramatic and reasonable penalties for vehicles.

-Specified that while you have energy shields, you cannot gain the burning or melting conditions. If you already have the burning and melting condition and you gain shields, those conditions are not dispelled. This is listed under the Energy Shields section of the Encounter rules (CRB).

-When summoning Void Spirits, the Void Reanimator now suffers energy loss equal to the levels summoned. This is to make the ability more taxing for the reanimator, as the summoning ability is very powerful for their relative threat level.

-Correctly mentions that primals are able to burrow. This has been updated in their player race entry.

-Replaced the Quad-A turret’s Combat Processor trait with Aerial Targeting.

-James Raynor’s sniper rifle now has the Maximum Firepower upgrade instead of Twin-linked

Psionic Powers

-The Crush Telekinetic Power has been completely reworked. It now requires an opposed psionic attack roll versus athletics, acrobatics, or toughness in order to take effect. Non-vehicle targets can make a strength check to end the effect. It only effects gargantuan or larger targets. The PL 12 benefit has changed to give the power 4x PL accuracy, instead of an additional hit of damage.

-The Flare Pyromancy power has had it’s scaling power based on PL chart completely reworked to make the power more useful. Now it gains the ability to create explosions and can be launched at a distance.

-Clarified that, while psionic detection passively only detects psychics, the spotter/detector action feature will effect any living creature.


-Changed vehicle maneuverability again. Now you can turn 4 times a turn at 90 degrees, but you must move at least 25% percent of your speed before each turn.

-Removed speed requirements for the following pilot maneuvers: powered reverse, boom and zoom, power turn.

-The Displacement vehicle upgrade in the StarCraft Heroes Guide now only costs 100,000 credits, but does not give the bonus defense, just the ability to disregard missed missile attacks.

-In the squadron rules in the space battle section of Supplement 2, it now specifies that you lose a morale for each squadron member you lose.

-The Advanced Sensors vehicle item now has a 300 square range (up from 120). The Advanced Sensors upgrade for custom vehicles has increased to 120/300 in the first two levels (up from 40/12). The Sensory Glands zerg evolution has increased its range to 150 (up from 40). This is the ensure that these senses are more useful in vehicular warfare, space combat, and mass combat, as they should be.

-The Mobile Craft rule of the Phoenix/ Mirage has been specified on what it means for the new vehicle rules. You do not have to move in the direction you are facing, but you cannot turn or change direction freely. Any time you move 25% or your speed, you can change your facing OR change what direction you are moving


-The Stun weapon trait now has an Endurance DC of 20 +1/2 damage dealt. The stun weapon trait has been also finally been corrected in Supplement 4.

-The Primal Spine Battery weapon evolution now requires you to be huge-sized.

-Specified that the psionic canister ammunition type is an explosive canister variant, not a specialty cannister.

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